Friday, September 29 2017

How to mine Monero/XMR on macOS

A quick and easy guide to mining XMR/monero for Mac users

I have compiled command line miners for XMR available here:

With instructions included. But if you'd rather compile the code yourself, here are some simple instructions:

For AMD GPU mining, you can find the code for a miner at

You'll need to install the dependencies libhttpd and openssl - I used homebrew which you can get from run brew install git brew install libhttpd brew install openssl

then run git clone cd xmr-stak-amd git checkout dev cmake -DOPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=/usr/local/opt/openssl . make

a folder called bin will now contain a binary called xmr-stak-amd which is what you can use to GPU mine XMR/Monero move the config.txt file from the parent directory in to the bin folder and edit it so the lines below look like this:

"gpu_thread_num" : 1,

"gpu_threads_conf" : [ { "index" : 0, "intensity" : 256, "worksize" : 8, "affine_to_cpu" : false }, ],

for most Macs, if you have a 'trashcan' Mac Pro or any other macOS setups with two GPUs like this:

"gpu_thread_num" : 2,

"gpu_threads_conf" : [ { "index" : 0, "intensity" : 256, "worksize" : 8, "affine_to_cpu" : false }, { "index" : 1, "intensity" : 256, "worksize" : 8, "affine_to_cpu" : false }, ],

Make sure to change the pool details in the config.txt file to your pool details too and you'll be good to go!

Now you can run the xmr-stak-amd binary in Terminal and it'll connect to your pool and start mining straight away.

If you need any more help please check out

For XMR CPU mining grab the code from

You can just download the zip as you don't need to get a particular branch for the CPU miner to work Use homebrew as outlined above to install libhttpd and openssl but also run brew install hwloc

then cd to the xmr-stak-cpu folder and run cmake -DOPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=/usr/local/opt/openssl . make

edit the config.txt file with your pool details and as with the GPU miner, you're ready to go!

Happy mining, I'd love to see your results so if you're willing to share please do head over to the forum

Friday, October 2 2015

Does your Mac support Apple's new Metal API?


Here's a simple program that can tell you

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Tuesday, June 9 2015

FabulousPanda Ltd. has been registered

In a short time, when I've figured out the best means of doing so, ownership and management of will be transferred to the freshly founded FabulousPanda Ltd., a UK registered company, that I may more easily manage business accounts split away from my personal finances. I'm  […]

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Sunday, May 31 2015

The Bitcoin Core vs XT debate and necessary clarifications.

The news that Bitcoin may fork has caused widespread panic among the community. Here I hope to explain a few important facts regarding it's wider implications.

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MacMiner Development Winding Down

A brief explanation of the future of MacMiner

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Saturday, March 21 2015

Setting up Antminer U3 for Mac OS X

U3 Mac support has been sadly neglected, so here's a guide to get you going

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Tuesday, September 9 2014

Apple's iPhone 6 and watch event

Apple has been holding special events for a long time now, but this time they had a few tricks up their sleeve to keep the magic traditionally infused in the events… and I'm not just talking about the apple watch.

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Thursday, February 27 2014

Mining with Gridseed ASICs including DualMiner on Mac OS X

An easy guide for Mac users mining with any Gridseed device, with several compiled miners

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Wednesday, February 19 2014

How to mine MaxCoin on Mac OS X


Another guide from FabulousPanda with some compiled MaxCoin miners

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Sunday, February 9 2014

How to mine VertCoin VTC on Mac OS X

A straightforward guide, with miner binaries for CPU and GPU mining

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Thursday, February 6 2014

How to mine QuarkCoin QRK on Mac OS X

A Complete and Easy guide

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Monday, January 27 2014

If you like zombie flicks…

…and you've seen Shaun of the Dead, check out Juan of the dead.

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Monday, January 20 2014

Google bought Nest - and Tony Fadell

I shouldn't be so surprised about this

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Sunday, January 12 2014

Apple's New Mac Pro…

…I want it… but I’d also like to win the Lottery.

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Wednesday, January 8 2014

Kalkhoff ebike review - Pro Connect S 2010 vs. Bosch Endeavour 2013

Reflecting on 4 years of ebike ownership

A shocking revelation - I’m keeping my iPhone 4. Because more than a 5s, what I really want, is the latest Kalkhoff…

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Friday, December 27 2013

Welcome to the FabulousPanda Blog!

Here you'll find the thoughts of John O'Mara, creator of FabulousPanda and MacMiner. My favourite part of coding the MacMiner website? Ignoring Internet Explorer. Over 95% of users viewing are using Mac OS or iOS, and of the mobile users around 95% are using iOS and just under 5%  […]

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