And that’s something close to what would be required for me to upgrade right now. As a long-time user of PowerMacs and Mac Pros, I’m totally divided on the latest offering from Apple. There are some amazing new features in there, like the PCIe-based flash storage which I’m sure will reduce almost all system lag (unless your system is searching external drives without the PCIe-based connection, or Apple improve the Mac OS GUI slightly not to hang on the slowest storage device connected). And then there are the dual GPUs, providing power not usually found outside pro studios to everyday purchasers - and which of course would probably do a pretty good job of scrypt/Litecoin mining.

My conflict primarily comes down to the cost of peripheral accessories that would be required for the new Mac Pro to replace my old Aluminium one. I can just about get past the loss of a processor socket, but those four hard drive bays are a great feature of the old Mac Pro. Mine always had four drives in. On the new Mac Pro, I’d need to find a thunderbolt storage solution, which is going to cost a lot more than an extra HDD/SSD to plug in, and I’d probably want a RAID solution that would essentially remove any benefit of the smaller form factor, but add a few cables and another power-connected device. They’ve also done away with the traditional optical connector in favour of the one in the 3.5mm connector that’s been on Macs for a while, but that means I’ve got to get a connector that will work with my speakers, a minor annoyance compounded by the need to buy a few more connectors to allow my old Apple Displays to connect to the thing.

So overall, yes, I’d love a new Mac Pro… if someone else is paying for it! Unless that happens, I’m going to make full use of the long life of the previous generation Mac Pro, and maybe come back to it when high speed storage becomes more affordable.