The below article is in need of updating due to updates to the VTC mining algorithm, in the meantime you can download a Mac version of sgminer I've compiled here which includes instructions. This article and MacMiner will be updated shortly to reflect the changes but the process remains much the same as that below

You can both CPU and GPU mine Vertcoin

EDIT: MacMiner now includes the VertCoin CPU and GPU miners - read on if you'd rather use the command line than an app for mining

Download the CPU miner or compile it yourself:

Is the compiled Github CPU miner project for Vertcoin:

If you unzip it and put it in your Applications folder, you would run it like this:

Open Terminal in the Utilities folder


cd /Applications/vertminer/bin

press enter then type

./minerd -o -u username -p password

Replacing pool and user information with your own. Press enter and cpu mining will commence.

For GPU mining, there is a special version of cgminer that supports VertCoin. For that, instructions are included in the download. Make sure you use --scrypt-vert!

This was compiled from the code on this github project:

I like P2Pool, and you can find a list of vert coin P2Pool nodes here if you need a pool:

With P2Pool, there’s no registration - just use your VertCoin Address for your username and password.

If you have any problems, please leave a comment, or check in at the Mac mining forum

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