Steve Jobs was well known for his keynote delivery style, his ability to make tech cool and personal, and his 'One more thing…'. In the Tim Cook era many have doubted whether Apple could retain the magic it's famous for. Well, today's special event was a clear instructional from Apple on how they've evolved and scientifically engineered their style.

1. Make the first portion of your special event incredibly laggy, cutting back and forth between different times of the early event, so you don't have time to be bored by what we already were all expecting. Yeah, yeah, new iPhone, slightly better in every way, we all knew what to expect from rumours - but this way, we still don't get a clear view of the new devices and the suspense is maintained until this technical fiasco of a stream is finished and the polished product pages made available on Apple's site. Also, include peculiar Chinese dubbing over the audio for this portion of the event, to increase Chinese sales but also scare westerners in to feeling the need to own the latest Apple products to maintain their fragile egos as the (currently) dominant populace of the world.

2. OK, scrambled iPhone 6 introduction out of the way - you've built up frustration in your audience and maintained the mystery of the new iPhone by the manner of it's launch, now for One more thing… this is what everyone is really waiting for. So at this point Apple stops downloading porn and the stream starts playing healthily. A xanax effect is thus instilled in the audience as things 'just work' and the new product looms…

3. Release a watch with a custom designed Apple system on a chip that not only blows the technical abilities of competing products out of the water, but has been designed with purpose and consumer in mind that can do new things - in an easy and aesthetically pleasing way - that reinvents the watch category, and may well convince people who don't see the need to wear a dedicated time keeping device in light of the modern mini computing devices they already carry around that this is a machine with a whole different set of capabilities from both watch and phone. I kind of want one - but only if someone I really like has one too - and that's part of Apple's intention. A truly personal device.