In a short time, when I've figured out the best means of doing so, ownership and management of will be transferred to the freshly founded FabulousPanda Ltd., a UK registered company, that I may more easily manage business accounts split away from my personal finances. I'm still employed through regular systems which manage my tax on my behalf and I'm most used to not having to file taxes so this will make things a lot easier.

I would like to reassure everyone that this will not change the nature of MacMiner, which is and will remain available free and open source, and as I've previously mentioned the development of which I can no longer prioritise at the present day. will however become a Company website/portfolio and the cryptocurrencies resources relegated to just a section of that. I will at that point also stop forwarding to but forward to .com

As an uplifting N.B. I'd like to share the transitory state a project I've been working on for over 4 years, an anonymous communication community which is in the process of being remodelled in the hope that it can become self-moderated and a place for more practical and creative participation than perhaps it has been in the past. Though I realise some may find the name and/or text content offensive, it should be considered humorous and uplifting

The current implementation is a placeholder for the future, and when I've consulted with the community who've been a big part of the project to date and decided how best to implement the revisions it will once more become active.