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Setting up an FPGA or ASIC device

Getting started with your FPGA/ASIC device

Due to issues with drivers, which miner to use is best decided by your version of Mac OS X. Users running 10.9 Mavericks (a free, recommended upgrade) should use the FPGA/ASIC window as this will work without removing any system drivers. Users of earlier versions of Mac OS than 10.9 should use cgminer, unless they've installed the specific usb serial driver for their device. bfgminer and cgminer cannot access the same devices with the same driver setup.

BFG Miner and FPGA/ASIC Miner window

Using MacMiner 1.4.6 or higher plug your device(s) in (After installing the drivers they require - BFL drivers Block Erupter/Antminer Drivers) and go to miner settings, you can try entering -S all in the custom flags field but this sometimes prevents bfgminer from working, so each device category should be activated like so:
-S bigpic:all -S antminer:all -S erupter:all -S bfl:all
This is what the buttons that are there for each device actually does. If you make any changes click apply, and start the miner. Check the logs and you should see your devices being activated just after you start.
In earlier versions you must specify the devices individually, this is still possible in later versions. See 'Identifying Devices' below.

CG Miner

If you have not installed the drivers for your device and are running any version of Mac OS X prior to 10.9, cgminer should autodetect them when you press start without any other setup. On Mac OS 10.9 the native usb serial driver prevents cgminer from accessing devices and bfgminer in the FPGA/ASIC window is recommended, but if you attempt to start mining in cgminer window on 10.9 instructions on temporarily disabling the system driver will be revealed.

Identifying Devices

Open the Terminal in your Utilities folder. If you have not installed the drivers for your device, enter ls -l /dev/* and your device(s) will show up and hopefully stand out from the long list it prints.
If you have installed the drivers for your device and, enter ls -l /dev/cu.* instead and the list will be much shorter, and likely the only non mining devices will be labelled as modems.
Once you know where your device is and what it's called, you can enter -S /dev/cu.MYDEVICE in the custom flags field of the miner settings rather than -S all.
If you are experiencing problems with devices not activating when you start mining, this is an essential troubleshooting step.

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Basic Usage


About the pool

Compiling from source

Running bfgminer, cgminer and cpuminer at the command line

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