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About the pool

This information is retained for historical purposes only, FabulousPanda's P2Pool nodes were shutdown late 2014. For help choosing a pool, please ask a question on or browse the forum

Fabulous Panda Pool is a public P2Pool node with a 0.5% fee which supports development of this app. If you enter your BTC/LTC address without specifying a primary server you will be set up with Fabulous Panda Pool as the primary server, and two backup p2pnodes as failover pools. If you specify a primary pool of your choice, but also enter your BTC/LTC address P2Pool nodes will be used for failover.

Stats for the BTC side of the pool are available here and the LTC stats are here

The pool server is with port 9332 for BTC or 9327 for LTC. You use your BTC/LTC address as username and password, and you can find your mining statistics on the Graphs section of the pool website.

Find out more about P2Pool via the official P2Pool website

It should be said that P2Pool works best for high hash rate miners and if you don't know how P2Pool differs from most other pools, I recommend signing up with Triple Mining whose more traditional pool provides smaller but more frequent payouts to slower miners

If using the Triple Mining pool, once you sign up use the following information in your pool settings window
BTC Pool:
Use your workername as username and it's password as the password

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De Stijl Art Factory


Basic Usage

Setting up FPGA/ASIC devices


Compiling from source

Running bfgminer, cgminer and cpuminer at the command line

If you don't find what you're looking for here, please check the forum

If you like this app, please support development by donating:
BTC: 12vZf8mjaXvHorXWVWfv7nZspHa8L8kfoG
LTC: LLRqwo3YcLqoRyfZRVmUevtd2Y35Vvnt4w

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